FAB Design Mercedes G-Class G63 SHAHIN – Bodykit Carbon Fiber


FAB Design Bodykit for Mercedes G-Class G63 SHAHIN in Carbon Fiber


FAb Design Mercedes G-Class G63 SHAHIN – Bodykit CarbonFibre

Based on the G-class of Mercedes (both the G63 and the G55 are eligible for the customer) the new FAB SHAHIN shows once againwhat the Swiss company is wellknown for many years now and why they are beloved by customers worldwide:Technical sophistication and expressive design for customers which only accept the best of best as being good enough.All new parts ofthe body are dressed in the best material you can get for money: Compo-site material in a high-quality finish and Prepreg-Carbonfibre. This refers to the new front spoiler as well as to the rear spoiler and the all new designed…

. Like Bodykit Basic
. Additional carbonfibre-sideskirts
. Door trim set 1–pieces
. Airouttake rear bumper
. Rear and foglight cover