FAB Design Mercedes S-Coupe C217 – Bodykit

32.800,00 €

Product Description

FAB Design Mercedes S-Coupe C217 – Bodykit

Addition to the aristocracy family based on the current Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse-Coupes FAB Design is presenting two new versions of this high luxury Coupenamed „ESQUIRE”. One version will feature a body-kit and the other one the car FAB DESIGN will show the first time ever in Geneva as awide-body-kit. Enough is never enough: This is the motto behind FAB DESIGNs extensive refinement of the grand Mercedes Coupe C217. The new widebody aerodynamic program fits in harmony into the entire picture and gives the vehicle a more sporty appearance.The result: More power, more sportiness, more exclusivity and more comfort for the passengers……