HAMANN BMW M5 Mi5Sion Widebody-Kit


HAMANN M5 Mi5Sion Widebody-Kit (including parts with *)


HAMANN BMW M5 Mi5Sion Widebody-Kit


HAMANN M5 Mi5Sion Widebody-Kit (including parts with *)

10 010 305* Mission consists of: FRONT BUMPER UNIT, FRONT FENDERS FENDERSprice per unit: 3,600.00 EUR
10 010 315* FRONT Mi5Sion in Carbon
10 010 320* SIDE SILLS Mi5Sionprice per unit: 1,400.00 EUR
10 010 135* ROOF SPOILER * in fiberglass versionprice per unit: 360.00 EUR
10 010 233* REAR SPOILER Mi5Sionprice per unit: 950.00 EUR


The German tuner, HAMANN, has taken the BMW M5 to a whole new level. HAMANN’s bodykit Mi5sion is an impressive package that definitely will make heads turn. The already amazing M5 has a V8 4.4 liter twin-turbo engine with 560 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque. The Mi5sion widebody kit adds 30 mm in width to the M5 as well as a plethora of carbon fiber on the side skirts, wings, and roof spoiler. Furthermore, HAMANN add a new rear apron, built in diffuser, a sporty new exhaust system that has two stainless steel tailpipes. As for the interior, HAMANN enhances the cabin with additional carbon fiber as well as new door sills and aluminum foot rests. The only thing lacking in this kit is an ECU upgrade. Perhaps next time.





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