Hamann Rear Diffuser for BMW M5 F10


Rear Diffuser


Hamann Rear Diffuser BMW M5 F10


Rear Diffuser


HAMANN is a well know German tuner that enhances the finest vehicles around and specializes in BMWs. The BMW F10 is no exception with the HAMANN rear diffuser, which really offsets the whole sporty look. Additionally, HAMANN has an awesome wide body kit for the F10 which consists of carbon side grills, mirror cover, and floor mats featuring HAMANN logos in the interior as well as the exterior. Moreover, HAMANN has its logo on the gas and brake pedals. Blacked out grills and door handles add to the whole aggressive stance it takes on the road. Furthermore, the M5 has 21-inch ADV.1 wheels in a black finish.



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