Terms and conditions

West Coast Motorsport, LLC (WCM) makes every reasonable effort to ensure that our Customers are satisfied with the products they purchase through our website.  All products and prices on this site are displayed in Euros (EUR). Please find our sales, shipping, warranty, and return policies below.

Refused Items / Undeliverable Items

If any shipment is not accepted by the receiver for any reason, including but not limited to, package refusal, incomplete or incorrect address, unavailability to receive package, non-payment for duty/tax for international orders, the carrier will return the package back to us.  If this happens, one of two things can occur:

1) if we are notified while the product is on its way back to us, and you are able to contact us during this process, we may be able to have the shipment re-routed back to you. In this case, WCM will charge the Customer the actual fees it is charged by the carrier for re-routing, re-addressing, and re-delivery.

2) If the product is returned to WCM, a fee equal to the cost of return shipping and any carrier handling, warehousing, customs, duty, brokerage, taxes, or other fees incurred by WCM will be charged to the Customer before re-shipment of the goods.  Alternately, if the Customer chooses to be refunded, these fees will be deducted from the refund, along with the original shipping cost(s). Additionally, in some cases, returns may be subject to a re-stocking fee.  WCM only charges a re-stocking fee if the manufacturer charges WCM a re-stocking fee.  Once again, WCM will only charge the Customer the actual cost/fees incurred.

Address Changes

Please ensure that the address that you provide when checking out is fully accurate including proper zip code, business name (if applicable) and apartment/unit number (if applicable). If an error is detected (e.g., in the confirmation email), please contact us immediately to provide the correct information. Address changes will be done on a best effort basis at no cost to the Customer. However, if the product ships before the Customer notifies WCM of the error, and the error was made by the Customer, any/all shipping related fees and/or costs will be the responsibility of the Customer.